Let us help you ease the strain of managing your property portfolios. We can help you protect your landlord's interests and generate new income streams.

Tenant Referencing

Having built up your property portfolio, you understandably wish to protect your own and your landlords’ investments by choosing only the most suitable tenants.

Our tenant referencing service will provide you with efficiently delivered assessments of your prospective tenant(s) and our friendly staff will be on hand to deal with any queries you may have, while online access is available around the clock. Our range of Warranted References are available for all acceptably referenced applicants, helping you protect your landlord’s interests for when the unforeseen occurs.

Why tenant referencing?

Appearance alone cannot be relied upon as the criteria to accept a tenant. With a selection of products and services we can help you minimise the risks.

Our trained staff, expertise in the letting industry and specifically designed systems to detect fraud will provide you with additional peace of mind when referencing your applicants through LetsXL's Tenant Referencing Service.

Our Tenant Referencing Service will provide you with efficiently delivered assessments of your prospective tenants.

A comprehensive tenant report includes:

  • Search of public records (CCJ's, bankruptcies etc).
  • Verification of the applicant's identity.
  • Income verification and assessment.
  • Current and previous address checks - including undisclosed addresses.
  • Current employer references obtained and assessed
  • Current landlord references obtained and assessed

We also conduct additional checks to validate information provided by the applicant is truthful.

Warranted Reference

Back any successful tenant reference up with a warranty and you can provide your customers with an additional level of protection so their investment is more secure. Their rental payments are provided for (subject to conditions) and you have the knowledge that in the event of vacant possession being required, LetsXL will organise all the legal proceedings and take the headache away from you, with a view of arranging a satisfactory, amicable resolution for all concerned (tenant, landlord and yourself).

Document Validation

LetsXL can also provide document validation and AML (enhanced ID) checks. These can be used to assist you with your Right to Rent obligations as well as any Anti-money laundering checks you may need to carry out as part of you business. We find 2 or 3 false documents on average per month.

Insurance Products

Take advantage of LetsXL's specially designed insurance products. Comprehensive cover at competitive prices for landlords and tenants.
We can also offer a portfolio solution at lower rates for landlords that you introduce to us.

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